Explained: The Libertine Fallacy Of Crusoe’s Island Thought Model

“[T]he Fallacy of Crusoe’s Island, Surrounded by the sea. But what does the sea that surrounds and defends Crusoe’s island represent? It represents the walls of the ancient master’s house defended by master and warriors. It represents the ghetto’s walls defended by the European nobles and knights. It represents the eastern European territories defended by the Tsars, the Polish-Lithuanian Armies, and the Austro Hungarians. It represents Israel defended by American Navy, Arms, Missiles, and money.

The thought model for the evolution of cooperation is the endless grassland of the Pontic steppe, evenly distributed with competitors, who must construct the mutual insurance of property and commons through the organized force of arms – denying that territory, capital and property to others. The Crusoe’s island thought model is not only a fallacy, but also a deception that seeks to justify the non-payment for the defense of territory, institutions, norms, capital, and property from competitors.

Jewish Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism in socialist, Libertine libertarianism, and neo-conservatives forms, is an even worse failure than Anglo enlightenment liberalism’s social democracy and political correctness. Because like all of Jewish history, underinvestment in institutions of defense and commons by a migratory pastoral people means they engage in the privatization of costs that should have gone to defense of territory, institutions, norms, capital and property – and the export of cost of defense onto host warriors, who eventually tire of carrying free-riders.

There is no free ride. The history of civilization is reducible to the incremental suppression of free riding, parasitism, and predation, by the incremental evolution of institutions, laws, traditions, and norms, which suppress it.”

—Curt Doolittle, The Philosophy of Aristocracy, The Propertarian Institute

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