I Don’t Want To Disenfranchise Anyone

[A] market for consumer goods and a market for commons both benefit from producers and consumers.

But I am an Aspie. I hate conflict. I don’t shun from it. That would be immoral. But I hate it none the less. I grew up in an environment so horrible that no one would envy it. And my dream world consists of one in which we compete but there is no conflict.

And our current governmental structure, which evolved to suit middle class merchants and agrarians who needed to find a way to allocate scarce resources in order to create necessary commons, is completely inadequate for an era in which the American empire consists of various regions and subcultures put into conflict by constant social engineering – the only purpose of which appears to maintain the bureaucracy and american international military power.

We can make a better world.

Truth, Contract, Market Government, Regionalism.

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