Natural Rights As

[N]atural “rights” are those legal rights of appeal for defense or restitution with which productive men must warranty they insure one another in order to resist the natural ‘wrongs’ that man demonstrates when unproductive.

Rights are those actions we insure one another against by collective action when they are violated. But the means of violation is always the same: the imposition of costs upon others, rather than engaging in productive activities.

This lack of including the requirement for productivity, which was obvious to men of property, was an obvious requirement of nature, and therefore a natural law not needing insurance, but one insured by nature herself. An unproductive man in the company of productive men need not be judged by men unless he imposes a cost upon them. His failure of productivity is a judgement passed against him by nature.

Women circumvented this principle and with it destroyed aristocratic, egalitarian, western civilization.

The Russians and Chinese bought the Great Lie of Communism. Americans bought the Great Lie of Neo Puritanism. These were the great lies.

The answer was very simple: just keep on with what we were doing and create new houses for women and the working classes, and preserve our ancient monarchies, and our ancient rule of law.

Napoleon was the first catastrophe. He started the ball rolling. He was the first plunderer of Europe since the Muslims Sacked Rome. And he broke our relative peace.

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