Q&A: “Does The Propertarian Institute Give Classes?”

[T]he leadership (which is a small group that started at Hoppe’s Property and Freedom Society and grew from there) wants me to finish the first book. And for historical reasons it is better for a movement to have a finished ‘tome’ or ‘canon’ to work from before we start any formal training.

We have ambitions to run additional conferences, and to employ a small number of people full time at the institute.

We do currently host anyone who comes to visit us in Kiev or L’viv, and we do enjoy those visitors.

My progress the past year has been affected by my startup company but that delay has also led to more time solving certain problems such as the reason altruistic people can be so easily lied to by means of half truth and suggestion.

The longer this work takes me the better it gets. So I am not troubled by the delay. On the other hand, as most of us can observe, ‘consilience’ is occurring worldwide and particularly in the west, as the western enlightenment fallacy comes crashing to its multitude of ends.

So in order to provide a manual for revolution and restoration of western high trust society, the reformation of classical liberalism, and the means of incrementally suppressing deceit just as we have incrementally suppressed all other forms of parasitism, I must finish while the ‘iron is hot’.

Great minds may think alike, but minds of similar moral bias eventually think alike at all levels of society. And that consilience is occurring. I am just one part of a huge shift in thinking not seen since the enlightenment: the end of one philosophical framework’s usefulness for mankind, and the beginning of another.

To some degree it is great privilege to live in these times.

We can take credit for change. And that change may last for millennia.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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