Am I Free?


Do I have freedom of association and disassociation? (No)
Do I have the freedom of creating productive, voluntary exchange? (No)
Do I have freedom to retain the products of my work? (No)
Do I have freedom to defend my life and property? (No)
Do I have freedom to defend the commons? (No)
Do I have freedom to transfer my wealth to my offspring? (No)
Do I have freedom of exit for myself and my property? (No)
Do I have freedom from retroactive Regulation, Legislation, and Law? (No)
Do I have Juridical Defense in all manner of interference? (No)

Then I am not free.
This list constitutes the criteria for freedom.
And its opposite the criteria for slavery.
I must possess each of these freedoms to exist in a state of freedom.
If not, then by definition, and without exception, then I am not free.
If I am not free then I am a slave.
I know full well I am enslaved.
That me and mine are enslaved.
And so now you have a choice.
Either free me and mine from slavery,
And then Leave, or Resign and Repent,
or Die.
This is the most generous offer I will grant you.
If you do not free me and do not leave,
or do not repent, and do not resign,
then you will die.
I promise before all the gods past and present.
You will die.
And there will be no mercy.
No forgiveness.
No remorse.
You have sought genocide against me and my kin.
For this crime only restitution available is the death of you and your kin.

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