An Emerging History Of European Peoples


The Cookery – Crossing The Galactic Plane – Accelerating Evolution?

The Birth – Out of Africa in Waves and Along the Waves

The Childhood – The Miracle In Afghanistan: Big Brains.

The Maturity – Domestication of plants and animals.
*The First Disaster: The Black Sea Deluge and the Diaspora and Division of PIE peoples into Northern (european), Southern (iranian), and Eastern (indian) peoples.

The Religious Era: Island Britain as The Holy People of Nature
The Copper and Bronze Era: Celtic Europa as Metalworkers
*The First Great Plague – The Sea Peoples and Natural Disasters

The Iron Age: Greco – Roman Civilization as Expansionary/Commercial
The Extermination of the Religion of Nature – Roman and Church Conquest
*The First Plague Age – Justinian Plague, The Criminal Conversion of Europe, and the First Muslim Plagues

The Frankish Age (Migration Period) – The Failure of the French Attempt
The Viking Age, The Templar Age, and The Great Betrayal by the Church
*The Second Plague Age – the Black Death

The Hanseatic Age – The Success of the North Sea Germans
The Hanseatic – Venice Age – Trade Merges North Sea and Mediterranean

The Atlantic Age – Anglo, Dutch, French, Spanish, Austrian Age.
*The First Great Civil War – The Thirty Years War.

The British Age – The Second Athenian Empire: World Trade
*The Second Great Civil War – WW1+2 and The Second Great Lie: Boaz, Marx, Freud, Keynes, and Pseudoscience

The American Age – Flight,Technology, Democracy, and The Failure of the Second Roman Empire
*The Third Great Plague – Third world immigration, Jewish proselytizing of Pseudoscience, Islamic fundamentalism, Postmodern (feminist) lying (verbalism),

The Flat Age: Technology, Population, and The Great Leveling,
*The Fourth Great Plague / Next Great Disaster – (gotta happen).

Keep in context please that I can expand this coverage for the whole world but my central concern is the evolution of truth and the high trust society. Which appears largely the result of hostile climates, sparse populations, a wet continent, and constant eugenics.


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