Debating Useful Idiots of All Stripes

(snippet of debate we can learn from)

[I] almost always operate under the assumption that genes do the talking and that the rational mind needs assistance in overcoming the influence of accumulated cognitive bias in favor of one’s reproductive strategy.

So I suspect you are just the usual victim of WISHFUL THINKING and need rescuing.

Because I don’t see evidence that you’re knowledgeable enough to engage in FRAUD.

And I don’t see evidence that you’re emotionally neutral and openly skeptical of your opinion so I do not think you ERR.

As such, you are the perfect target for cosmopolitan deception: an obscurant and complex justification for whatever your cognitive bias: socialist, libertine, or neocon. You are a ‘useful idiot’ for the anti-western anti-aristocratic pseudoscientific, pseudo-rational, religions. The great lie version two. This time in multiple class sizes: socialist, libertine, and neocon.

It’s not so bad that one is fooled – we all are. What’s bad is maintaining a bias that’s increasingly, obviously, false, because it was a bad but exciting investment.

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