Eli Harman on Our (Women’s) Lack Of Ethno-Centrism

—“And another feature of Western peoples is low ethnocentrism, because normative outbreeding and the prohibition on inbreeding mixed up the tribes and clans, creating homogenous outbred populations that can universalize kinship trust. This also was a competitive advanatage. White people form the largest ingroups. But we have a tendency to simply assume everyone is ingroup, and treat them accordingly, because in the past, that generally would have been the case. So those features have been hacked, by hostile aliens, who have convinced many of us we can gain status, and signal enlightenment and sophistication, by incessantly attacking our own, for the benefit of outgroup parasites who are unwilling or unable to reciprocate the kinship trust, or kinship altruism, that we extend them.”—-Eli Harman

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