Responding to “Aggressively Unreadable Doolittle”


—“or the aggressively-unreadable Doolittle.”—-

You know, I want to say ‘ouch’ but, I have to just own it. lol.
On the other hand have you read Hegel? Wittgenstein? Heidegger?

Philosophy is a technical specialty like any niche technical discipline. The difference is that we are often trying to reorder existing human conceptual categories, properties, and relations. Rewiring the mind so to speak.

I am far better than I was even four years ago. And I will get better still. But in the end, a philosopher writes for experts, experts write for the heavily interested, and the heavily interested write for the popular, and the popular simplify for the simple. This is how innovation in thought is distributed.

I am not the first person to say that our job is to bring people up to the new level of comprehension not dumb it down for the existing level where its lacking. Else darwin would have vanished by now. Even still – most people still think evolution has a direction. smile emoticon

I am doing something very special. And very important. And I know that doing it in public is a risk. But it turns out lots of people like to see the product being made so to speak, and it also turns out that it helps me a great deal to get their comment and criticism.

I want to make it impossible for politicians and public intellectuals to lie without repercussion. To do that I have to show how to tell the truth. From there how to put the technique for truth telling into law, and a constitution. If we make it just as difficult to deceive, lie cheat, free ride and privatize as we have made it difficult to steal physical property, then liberty will result from it. Because all those things that prohibit liberty are matters of theft of one kind or another. So instead of advocating liberty as a way of producing liberty, I’m trying to outlaw everything else so that only liberty remains.

It is this inversion of the philosophy of liberty that takes a while to get your head around. Just as incremental suppression of parasitism by the constant evolution of the common law leaves only the market available for survival, I want to make the incremental suppression of parasitism in the public discourse and law leaving only truth candidates that survive. If we succeed at this goal, and if we convert from monopoly rule democracy to a market for the production of commons between the classes, then we will have constructed a condition of liberty – and a condition of liberty that persists.

Anyway. I really do apologize that my work is indigestible. It really does take a pretty sophisticated individual to grok it. But they do. And we move onward. Slowly.


Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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