The Propertarian (Doolittle) Scientific Political Chart

[T]he only meaningful notion of ‘right’ and ‘left’ that I can state existentially is k-selection (right/masculine ), vs r-selection (left/feminine-universal) since these are opposing strategies with libertarianism (voluntary cooperation) achievable as a compromise between the two strategies. (that is how I see we minority libertarians: providing a compromise between the genders through voluntary cooperation).

As far as I know we must talk in at least three dimensions to discuss options on political orders.

1 - Organization of production - distribution of property

2 - Organization of production of the commons - the fruits of production

3 - Organization of Reproduction - National(kin) or Corporate(kin-independent)

And to construct these organizations we require incentives:

4 - Weapon of Influence (methods of organization)

So it is indeed impossible to construct an r-selected order non-parasitically. Because that’s precisely what it means. And it is so because we must produce incentive to engage in costly production if we are human (k-selection), even though the herd must just graze on whatever grass is available (r-selection).

This is the Doolittle chart, not the Nolan Chart.
This chart unifies all disciplines from biology to politics to economics.
This chart is consistently explanatory across all political orders.

So as far as I know any OTHER method of representing the organization of Production(consumption), commons(investment) and reproduction(perpetuation) is a distraction for the purpose of achieving an alternate end other than the true and moral.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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