Anglo Saxon, Indo European, Aristocracy, and Humanism.

[I] am not a racist. I am a truth-ist. A class-ist. A national-ist. A universal-ist. A Human-ist. Every family, tribe, nation can be sacred because it can be raised into divinity over generations by disciplined fathers of families, tribes and nations. Whether Father, King, or Emperor; we have but one purpose if we are to have a purpose at all: to transcend the animal and to become the gods we desire. For those others that will not harm our progress, let them live. For those who hinder our progress, make them die. We have experimented for over two hundred years with the pretense that man was oppressed rather than domesticated. He was not oppressed. He was domesticated and pacified. Women was domesticated and pacified. It has been through women and slaves that the evils of wishful thinking were spread in both the ancient and modern world. Our experiments then and now have failed. It is time to end the experiment. To return to that paternalism we call ‘aristocracy’ and to continue once again the domestication of man, animal, plant, and universe, to build and paradise, valhalla, eden of a universe uncaring of and inhospitable to man.

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