The Athenian Art of Truth vs Jerusalem’s Art of Lying

(VERY IMPORTANT PIECE) (h/t: eli harman)

[P]ilpul is a craft. It is ‘the art of lying’. It is one of the oldest written arts. The art of justifying anything. The art of loading, framing, overloading, and suggestion. The art of constructing loaded relations in the mind so that a justification for for a desired action can be found. It’s the art of overwhelming the human mind with the stimulation of language so that the stimulations of experience cannot compete. Because while searching to understand one is open to suggestion – to inception – to deceit. It is the source of the last century’s transformation of western law from a descriptive science that prohibits involuntary transfers, and preserves the peace, to a system of moral justification by which people can be brought into political conflict so that political power can be obtained by force of government.

Marx’s “Dialectical Materialism” is just an application of Pilpul. The vast expansion of pseudoscience during the 19th and 20th has been achieved through the use of the technique whereby it is possible to justify anything if you seek justification of it through ‘meaning’ rather than seek correspondence to existence using internally consistent and externally correspondent language.

In the west we use the opposite technique: existential operations. We did so because of the the Roman conversion of greek platonism to empirical law. Because if you want to justify something using ‘meaning’ rather than existential operations, you can find or create that justification. This is the meaning of hermeneutic interpretation. The study of texts and language in order to assist you in free association by which you can justify anything is in accord with that text.

And this is why strict construction and operational language, identity and non conflation, external correspondence and internal consistency, full accounting, parsimony and limits, and objective morality are required of us if we are to speak truthfully and cause no harm to others by untruthful speech. Westerners invented truth and we speak the truth. We are so indoctrinated into seeking to understand one another, and so habituated trust in one another, that we have forgotten how how to detect lies. Our empathy, our trust, are exactly what is needed for the naive training of – deceit of – our minds through suggestion.

We have stopped teaching logic and rhetoric so that the left could spread lies. But even in teaching logic and rhetoric we taught rhetorical fallacies of construction. We did not teach how to counter lies of loading, framing, overloading and suggestion. Nor did we teach (or know) our cognitive biases – which are now the central canon of psychological study, or our genetic biases – which must become part of that canon. Even in our rhetoric we assume the others merely err, not that they intentionally lie, seek justification, and deceive. We have been trusting for so many thousands of years that we do not know the art of lying. We hare become naive in our trust.

Pilpul is the training that educated the great deceits of Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, [even some of Popper], Rothbard, and the Frankfurt School: (Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Pollock, Fromm, Kirchheimer, Löwenthal, Neumann ,Grossman). Christianity and Kantian rationalism are the training that was provided to the great continental liars that still persist in both the german rationalist, and american postmodern traditions. The originators and the propagators do not really know they lie any more than women who engage in ever-present never-escapable, but often unimaginable female wishful thinking know they lie. But if enough people go along with the lie, it is as good enough for them as it is if we discover some fundamental truth and spread it.

It is the technique by which academics, jews, and women have used their weakness to create a new religion as mystical and deadly as the last that sent us into a dark age for a thousand years, from which we emerged over the next thousand through the the use of truth under the name we surreptitiously called ‘science’ in order to not accuse the church and academy and state of lying. Science is the discipline by which we practice the art of speaking truthfully. That we had to call it something other than truthful speech is an indictment of all the rest of society by the few who practice truthful speech. Reason, reasonableness and science (and not philosophical rationalism) have been attempts to create a specialization in truth telling without threatening the religious moral and legal leaders.

Our law was converted from an empirical science to a religo-moral form of jewish mysticism over the course of the twentieth century by constant use of the PilPul tradition. Law identifies and lists the methods by which we humans prey upon one another, and prohibits them going forward. Law is a purely empirical study. But the talmud is not a vehicle for science of truth telling. The indo european anglo saxon law is such a vehicle. The talmud is not empirical it is justificationary. It is an instruction manual for lying. And pilpul is the technique by which one learns to lie. The ancient battle between Athens and Jerusalem is one between science and truth, and justification and deceit. And governments are pragmatic. They will use truth or lie as it suits them.

Notice how rationalism in philosophy and legal relativism have evolved in tandem. Philosophy has been used to lie as much as it has ben used to tell the truth. Legislation is not law, unless it is also legal. Legislation consists of some combination of law(science of prohibition of parasitism), contract (exchange between parties), and Command (export of costs), and predation (bureaucratic parasitism). But law is a very simple thing: an empirically accumulated record of the methods of parasitic action, and the methods of restitution for having committed them. The only western philosophy needed is and has ever been our common law. The rest of it is an attempt to gain power, or an attempt to justify the separation of truth seeking in the form of science, from the discipline of lying in its many forms – particularly religio-moral forms.

We are in this position because only Darwin and Einstein fully succeeded in their disciplines. Spencer failed in philosophy because he was not co-temporal with Popper’s falsification. Popper failed in epistemology – an irony for the ages. Mises, Hayek failed in economics. Brouwer failed in math. Bridgman in Science. All our sages failed in law – first because western law is practiced as a cult of the law, rather than as a science of the prohibitions of involuntary transfer. And Tesla and Turing and programming came to late to instruct all of the above in the solution of strict construction and operational language by limit of discourse to existential terminology. It has fallen to my generation to stand on the shoulders of great men and look back at their failings and to understand why it is that they failed, and how to restore truth to our discourse.

When we encountered the enlightenment era we had to solve the problem of cooperating at scale – with different people from different nations. But all our moral discourse for intertribal and international cooperation was constructed out of myth and mysticism. We had to invent economics. Not as ‘truth’ but as a separate discipline in order not to offend our elites. Just as we had to invent science and reason as separate disciplines as not to offend our elites.

We have spend millennia trying not to offend our elites – who rule by lie. To solve this problem forever, we have to punish our elites for their use of anything other than truth.

We humans can organize around truth, morality, and correspondence, or we can organize around falsehood, immorality, and non-correspondence. By constructing these great deceits, the jewish enlightenment caused tremendous damage to western civilization. Although ALL the enlightenments did so. Look at what France has become? Look at what england is becoming. Look at all of europe. The lie of Rousseuaian France. The lie of Kantian rationalism. The lie of british aristocracy of everyone. The lie of the free ride of Keynesian Economics – that we can increase employment without consuming all other forms of national capital in the process. That between keynesian pseudoscience and jewish pseudoscience, our civilization had been destroyed, and we have been brought to near extinction.

What is the difference between the immediacy of a gas chamber and the slow process of extermination by a new process of conversion and gradual suicide? What is the difference between gradual suicide and immediate displacement through immigration of non-kin and competitors? If we give the Chinese heroin and ruin their civilization and they kick us out forever, they are right. If we give teh lie of the good of democracy instead of the truth of the common law and science to others, they are right to reject us. If the jews and germans, and french and anglo enlightenment thinkers give us intellectual heroin and we like it very much – hyper-consumption is a naturally occurring heroin for humans – and it produces the exact same effect as heroin over longer periods. It overwhelms our reason. Hyper consumption of our genetic, territorial, physical, traditional, cultural, normative, capital, has been stimulating just as heroin is stimulating. But neither is an objective good.

I think we forget that jewish verbalism and female verbalism have the same cause. That jewish argument and female argument have the same cause. That jewish group evolutionary strategy and female group evolutionary strategy are identical: to gossip, rally, shame and frame through repetition, to in order to survive no matter which group of males are in charge of them. Women act as such. Jews act as such. Jewish women are more masculine, and jewish men more feminine than competing orders. Conversely, western people absolutely LOVE to protect the weak as a sign of status. We love to demonstrate our masculine superiority by hosting more of the weak. Yet we merely invite those who conspire against us. The female encourages consumption to increase her rate of reproduction. That is her strategy. It has no mind or reason. Man herds. He manages his herd. He manages his territory. He manages the balance of each. He fights competitors. He expands his territory. In doing so he captures the genes that let him do so.


Return the west by returning us to our martial foundations: Truth, Reason, Science, Testimony, Jury, Common Law, Rule of law, Universal standing, Natural Law necessary for rational voluntary cooperation.


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  1. Natural language is deceptive, of the self or others, and Jews have an advantage in natural language processing. Wouldn’t the solution to this be increased formality? Even before enduring centuries of Orwellian manipulation of meaning, our languages probably contained plenty of innocent hidden flaws.

    Not to be confrontational, but how exactly the Brouwer fail in math? His specific results are broad and useful, and intuitionism has never been more popular.

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