The Corrected History Of Civilization: Paternalism as Domestication

(by Eli Harman)

[A]dvanced civilization, with production and division of labor, is necessarily founded on property, which is a masculine innovation, the more private, the more masculine.

Property is that which you obtain and maintain at personal cost, and that which you are willing and able to defend. Property rights are a subset of that property that your peers are willing to ensure, just as law is a subset of morality.

Males evolved to specialize in the production of violence which sustains all property claims (and supply even the violence necessary to sustain communal forms of property in pre-civilized, matriarchal, societies.)

Patriarchy and private property originate in bands of men organized for aggressive conquest, and the subsequent necessity of dividing the spoils of conquest (land, goods, and women) between them, organizing them for production, and defending them henceforth.

Once unleashed on the world, patriarchal civilization proved unstoppable. And its advantages, in productivity, including but not limited to the production of violence, have only snowballed over time with the accumulation of capital and eugenic reproduction (made possible by restraining females’ dysgenic, egalitarian, tendencies.)

Recent innovations to the contrary, which are really just regressive throwbacks to the paleolithic, were only made possible because one patriarchal society, Western civilization, attained such a commanding lead over adversaries and antagonists, that our forefathers thought they could afford to indulge their women without limit. And for a while, we could. But the madness has gone exponential, and a century and a half of unchecked consumption and decay wrought by faulty egalitarian premises have brought our enemies, once more, near enough to parity that they may begin punishing us for our folly.

We will learn. Or we will die. But things will not continue as they were.

Eli Harman.

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