What Causes Racism?

People think and speak aware of race because people act aware of race.

  1. People vote as racial blocks. And therefore firm political competition for status and rent seeking.
  2. People associate in racial blocks.
  3. People work in racial blocks.
  4. People reside in racial blocks.
  5. Vast differences in reproductive desirability between races.  And people mate in racial blocks except at the margins.
  6. Vast differences in the eugenic elimination of the evil 80s underclasses between racial blocks.
  7. Vast differences in criminality between the racial blocks.
  8. Significant differences in the abilities of racial groups because of the failure to suppress reproduction in the lower classes.

We are different. People are rational. They act rationally. Humans practice kin selection.  They must.  Or those that do practice kin selection will replace them.

Cooperation between families and tribes is only beneficial if each perceives a benefit. Otherwise instead of arguing against racism one is merely practicing war by a substitute of religion, rather than war by religion or war by violence.


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