Compare American and Russian falsehoods.


1) The american revolution was an attempt to escape paying for the french and indian war that nearly bankrupted the crown.

VS the Russian myth of the nazis was an excuse to conquer more territory, and Russian occupation of eastern Europe set them back a century of development. The germans would have advanced eastern Europe, and probably the world.

2) the american civil war was not so much about slavery but the expansion of slavery into the western territories, and therefore the shift in political power from the north to the south.

VS The cult of soviet, the cult of lenin, the pride in recent history. As far as we know the tzars had created both unions and a parliamentary equivalent. And with time could have reached european standards of living. Instead the soviets murdered 100M people. The experiment was a fucking disaster, and Russia, China, and even India cannot recover from Russian legal codes. (omg don’g let me talk about Ukraine).

3) the americans spread the cancer of democracy – a luxury good for small homogenous nations that is the result of extreme domestication of the population.

This is because they argue falsely that democracy is the source of western prosperity,m rather than that rule of law and suppression of the reproduction of the lower classes through the use of the nuclear family, rule of law, and property rights.
Russians spread communism as an excuse to expand their conquests of asia around the world. Why russians need political power when they have the best resources in the world, is beyond me.

4) Regan attacked Grenada for the same reason Putin attacked ukraine and syria: to restore national pride, and to distract the population from the economy, and to collect political power.


Russians move south and conquer the ‘problem people’
Chinese move south and conquer the ‘problem people’
Europeans move south and conquer the ‘problem people’
Americans go home and mind their own fucking business.

We have a lot of the world remaining to domesticate.

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