Sticky: No Racism Please. Aristocracy, Liberty, Prosperity are Universals

Please don’t bring that stuff here. I work against fraud and deception in all matters political. And yes, truths are truths, but criticisms are not solutions, they’re excuses for not looking in the mirror at the person responsible for the current state of things. Act. Solve Problems. Don’t complain.

3 responses to “Sticky: No Racism Please. Aristocracy, Liberty, Prosperity are Universals”

  1. You are an anti racist?

    You do realize that anti-racist means anti-white bigot, right? It puts you in the company of haters like Tim Wise.

  2. I think that Curt Doolittle is just saying that we should not hate groups of people for being what they are. He is not denying that differences between the races exist. The races are not descriptively equal to each other, but that does not mean that we should hate any particular race; hatred solves nothing.

  3. ‘racism’ is a very flexible term used by #antiwhites in attacking White people. Using a word coined by Trotsky makes me distrust the person using it. For a person to use a term to categorize people invented by a Marxist creates a falsehood that needs to be challenged before clear communication can occur. My usual response to ‘racism’ is there are no racists only anti-racists.

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