OMG Please Don’t Drag Me Into Nazi Nonsense


The Nazis tried to remove the undesirables from Europe.

They transported these people to resettlement camps.

The war failed. They ran out of resources.

The resettlement camps turned into death camps.

Sure the Jews made a propaganda issue out of it, but so did the rest of the west – the west that germans had engaged in napoleonic conquest against.

There is nothing more to know.

I don’t get involved in nonsense disputes. I think this is a nonsense dispute.

Is that settled?


Don’t involve me in this nonsense.

It’s beneath me.

Love always.

Anyone who even discusses this issue is jerking off. You worry about fighting the last war? Are you fighting machine guns with men on horseback? You are right? Why aren’t you talking about the destruction of rule of law? Why aren’t y ou talking about the inventions of freudian psychology to oppress males? Of marxism that is meant to create parasitism upon our people? Of feminism to destroy our families? Of postmodernism to lie to our people? Of the taking of the academy by the left? Of how we CAN implement high redistribution (‘soft socialism’) if we have a homogenous polity – and we can’t if we don’t? Of the intentional invasion of our people starting with the 1964 immigration act?

Why aren’t you talking about how we get rid of the invaders? How we conduct a revolution that destroys this anti-western government that seeks to devolve us into the rest of the parasitic world?

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