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[J]ust because your ancestors valued a particular comforting lie or falsehood is not a reason to perpetuate the lie or falsehood. We are comfortable now with suppressing lies with physical science where were were not so in the past.
We are currently uncomfortable with suppressing lies in social science: ethics, politics, economics, religion, and war, but we will not be so uncomfortable in the future.

I am almost certain that the gains from ending lies in social science will be as great as those from ending lies in physical science.

But I suspect an even greater effort to preserve lies in social science than the effort to preserve lies in physical science.

Why? Because the church had only the pulpit, which we eventually defeated with the press. But the Academy has the media, and we are not yet sure that the internet is as capable of defeating the lies of the academy as the book was in defeating the lies of the church.

Both have had the same incentives: to perpetuate their income by the sale of forgiveness or indulgences, just as the academy sells the promise of prosperity and diplomas.

The monetary incentives of the church and academy are the same.
The customer base of the church and the academy are the same.
The church sold mysticism for millennia.
The academy has been selling pseudoscience for over a century.
The way we end the academy’s lies is to defund it like we did the church. The way we defund it is through the same revolution that it took to defund the church.

But if we merely shift the academy to something new, just as we shifted the church to the academy, we have only moved to a new problem rather than solving the problem.

The answer is to reform the church and the academy so that they sell truths, not lies. Truths in physical science, truth in social science, truth in what is best called ‘spiritual science’: mindfulness.

There are many ways to produce mindfulness: from stoic philosophy, to sport, to yoga, to meditation, to the piety and sacredness of commons and ritual, to the creation of arts. The human mind requires mindfulness without the constant peer feedback of the consanguinous tribe. The greater the division of knowledge and labor, the more important is mindfulness for the happiness of the human mind.

So it is possible to construct a church, academy, and commons that produces truth in physical, truth in the social, and truth in the mind.

We need no lies. There is no excuse for lies. Lies exist to profit only from the loss of others.

We can sell truth rather than sell fraud.

We can remake the west.

Because it is these truths that were the original path of western civilization before the great lies were leashed upon us by the great liars of history.

Science: truth in the physical.

Nature: truth in the commons
Law: truth in the market.
Stoicism: truth in the mind.
We are the people who invented truth.
Truth is our religion.
We can return to the truth.
End the lies
Remake man in the image of gods: truth.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute,
Kiev, Ukraine

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