Had Bin Laden Been Hiding In Australia, Would The United States Have Trust Australia More Than Pakistan?

Australia and Canada both suffer from extraordinary privileges that they attribute to their own actions or own beliefs rather than the windfall produced by their ancestor’s conquest of primitive lands, using science, guns, germs, steel, accounting, and rule of law.

None of us take Australia or Canada any more seriously than we take the girl whose father pays for everything seriously. It’s nice that she gets to live that way but it has nothing to do with her or her judgements and everything to do with the aggressive use of dominance in business, industry, war and politics by her father and his father, and his before him.

It’s actually painful to listen to Australians, Canadians, and american Urbanites, (As well as many urban brits). All trust fund babies trying to signal their high mindedness because they have no achievements to point to of their own.


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