The Failure of Traditionalists


At present we have traditionalists that don’t understand the content of their traditions, only that through mandatory indoctrination and ritual do we behave aristocratically – in the western tradition.

The Patriarchy for example, is popular primarily by appeal to traditional (aristocratic) aesthetics. Under the assumption that the church was the originator rather than the recipient and beneficiary of the aristocratic tradition.

The Traditionalists do the same. But the church is just a temple for the weak side of the aristocracy. It’s not that we don’t need our great temples, and that we don’t need our great artistic achievements, but that

My point is not to demean the church or advocate for atheism (individualsm) rather than a civic religion (familialism). Nor is it to deny that commercial empires have been as damaging for western civilization as has been our great wars, and our invasion by christian mysticism.

My point is that we can create a civic religion out of truthful content rather than lies. Why? We do not need to appeal to a fantastic utopia that may be the home of false gods.


We need no gods. Only heroes. And we have legions of them.


Monotheistic Religion requires submission and submission is incompatible with sovereignty. And the experience of Liberty requires existential sovereignty.

I don’t reject natural law. I don’t reject extension of kinship love. I don’t reject prohibition on inbreeding. I don’t reject aristocracy and paternalism.

I do reject mysticism. I do reject the great babylonian, egyptian and jewish lies. and most importantly I do reject submission.

And furthermore, so does the vast majority of the population.

One need not respect or propagate mysticism in order to extend kinship love, reject prohibition on inbreeding, or reject submission.

One does need natural law, common law, and civic rituals.

No one requires civic rituals that include mysticism.

The feeling of spirituality occurs whenever a body of people move, speak, or think in unison. That’s where it comes from: running with the pack.

The church as it stands is the enemy of europe and the european peoples.

It is not that we do not need a church, nor to to reform the church, it is that the church has failed us since the reformation. And continues to fail us.

Why? Because enlightenment and literacy and knowledge make mysticism not only no longer possible, not only unnecessary, but it’s antagonistic to the population.

So, how should the church reform?

John Kersey:
Most traditionalists I know also reject the Reformation, being either traditionalist Catholic or Orthodox. The Church did not fail us until it fell victim to secularism. Also, mysticism is not all there is to the church, indeed mysticism has generally been very tightly controlled by the church. Submission is characteristic of some religious beliefs, and is integral to Islam. But it is not the basis of Christianity, which rests not upon compulsion but on a voluntary, free-will relationship between God and man created in His image. That relationship is nothing more than drawing ourselves closer to the essence that made us and that governs and knows our every impulse.
Putting aside submission to the will of God, and putting aside the failure to adapt to secularism (science)… Then if you cut all the nonsense out of Christianity what would you teach from the pulpit. My view is that the church can teach from its history without the need for superstition. The catholic encyclopaedia is a pretty good canon.

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