A Letter to a Philosophical Excuse Maker


You see, you can build whatever contraption you want for your own use. You can practice whatever hobby that you want in your own home. You can say anything you want in your own living room. You can satisfy anyone willing in your bedroom.

But you cannot sell a product without responsibility for the consequences it may cause. You cannot sell a service without responsibility for the service you provide and consequences you cause.

So why is it that you may speak without regard for the consequences of your speech? We already limit hazards. We already limit libel, slander, and the disclosure of information.

Free speech was included in our laws only because we did not know how to determine what was truthful speech in the constitutional era.

But that is because of greek folly – we did not understand the difference between exploratory public speech and critical public testimony.

Now we do. We know that truthful speech is not in fact an act of speaking the truth, but of warranty by due diligence that we do not speak falsehood, and do no harm.

Ergo, I know you do not speak the truth, and I know your words do harm. that does not mean that if you spoke in concrete recommendations that those recommendations would be immoral. It means that you do not speak in concrete recommendations, and instead that you are attempting to produce psychological rewards by expanding the number of those who speak the same fantasy story.

This is called the “social construction of reality”. a postmodern technique whereby speakers use experiential terminology of non-causal construction to obscure their intent to decieve. And that is what you are engaged in.

We cannot object to correspondent social construction of reality because truth by definition cannot produce a harm – only a correction.

But we can object to non-correspondent construction of reality because it harms others, and by consequence the commons.

Why you cannot pollute air, water, and land, is the same reason you cannot pollute information. They are commons. And your comforting lies do those commons harm

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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