Conservatives Cannot Be Honest Under Democracy

Why? Conservatism is a eugenic social order. And the ‘good’ families are dwarfed in number by the ‘not good’ families.

Western success is due in no small part to its adoption of eugenic institutions and policies in every walk of life. Puritan american was an attempt to create a eugenic civilization.

But America, like every other attempt at creating a eugenic state has failed for the same reason: insufficient understanding of the reasons for the west’s rise; insufficient honesty in its constitution; and insufficient violence to preserve it.

And this is why traditionalism and conservatism in all their variations have failed. Conservatism is a deterministically eugenic social, political, legal, and economic system that arose in the era of productive scarcity.

Majoritarian democracy, redistributive socialism, and feminism are deterministically dysgenic social, political, legal, and economic systems that arose in the era of productive plenty.

Western eugenics were negative: constraining the lower classes and devoting resources to the reproduction of the middle and upper classes. They were not positive in any sense: arranged breeding. This conflation of negative eugenics and positive eugenics is what brought an end to the movement. Even if medically induced positive eugenics is probably a future we can assume will expand.

Assuming that we must preserve the means of constructing commons, and assuming we want to preserve prosperity and western creativity, we have two choices: we can either remove the franchise from the non-producers and restore the family to the central object of policy, or we can construct houses for the production of commons that once again reflect that interests of the genders and classes. The first will create an oligarchy open to corruption. The second will create a market whereby genders and classes cannot impose costs upon one another without benefit in exchange.

If we fail to do the second, we will be forced to do the first. And if we fail to do the first, we will no longer exist as a civilization.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, UKraine









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