Differences in Families, Clans, Tribes, Nations, Races

Working theory:

Constant regression toward the mean creates the need for persistent pressures to maintain a genetic advantage in the group. Meaning that groups can regress easily at any point through admixture, or shifting of rates of reproduction within the group.

Man can adapt to any circumstance without requiring evolutionary mutation, but due simply to the frequency of expression of traits in a population as they are needed. This produces an extremely adaptive organism. We adapt by learning, by social norms, and by rates of reproduction between the classes. Because classes are, and always have been, superior and inferior genetic expressions.

Yes, it appears that we have been in the process of first eradicating all competitors to homo sapiens sapiens, then through our races beginning to speciate. There are four major races: negroid, mongoloid, Caucasoid: European (northern/forest/plain) Caucasoid, Iranian (southern/desert/steppe) Caucasoid, and many sub-races within them such as Semitic(african/iranian-caucusoid), all of which had begun to speciate. But these differences are explicable as endocrinal, since humans are ‘grown’ and modifying endocrinal expressions produces the differences in the behavior (and look) of the races.

1) Most evolutionary differences in the races of homo sapiens are endocrinal.
…a) Greater or less sexual dimorphism
…b) Greater or less sexual maturity (aggression / impulsivity)
…c) Faster or slower sexual maturity (aggression / impulsivity)
(Asians low sexual maturity, longer lifespans, low testosterone, followed by whites in the middle, and people of color much higher))
(jewish sexual reversal, African exaggerated masculinity, Asian sexual immaturity, white high sexual dimorphism and delayed maturity)
…d) Bigger(more expensive/hotter) or smaller(less expensive/cooler) bodies and brains.
…e) Female verbal/empathic and male spatial/operational tendencies are ‘grown’ and largely the result of in-utero development. A male brain is essentially ‘damaged’ by testosterone, and then the remaining brain ‘grows’ by exaggerating a minority of characteristics. Egro endocrinal differences in utero in families can produce wide variations in human traits)

2) Next, some groups have used upward redistribution of reproduction by the upward distribution of food, care, and shelter, and the downward distribution of stresses.
…a) Assortative (voluntary) mate selection (good) vs arranged marriages (bad)
…b) the prohibition (good) on close cousin marriage (very bad).
…c) late marriage (good) vs early marriage (bad)
…d) property requirement before marriage (good) or not (bad)
…e) ‘taxing’ the underclass so that they bear the brunt of starvation, illness, hard physical labor, and accumulated cellular damage.
…f) Manorialism – particularly in Europe and china/japan. (or anywhere there was slavery or serfdom) combines all these features.
…g) (and underrated:) high rates of child and infant mortality dependent largely on caloric intake and stresses.

3) The remaining differences are in culling the bottom of the distribution.
…a) cold climates where long time preference is required are unforgiving to the impulsive.
…b) exposure (killing) of unwanted children
…a) Sacrificing the undesirable.
…b) Hanging/burning/strangling, the undesirable, criminal.
…c) Ostracizing the undesirable under agrarianism (a death sentence)
…b) War in all its historical versions.

This is a pretty simple set of rules that does not require any material genetic experimentation (mutation) in order to evolve differences between groups other than by the expression of traits.

We’re the most eugenic peoples ever. We aren’t better per se. We’ve just successfully killed off all the worst for so long that far more good families, clans, and tribes survive than bad families.

because we could now profit from organizing production and selling to the underclasses, rather than profiting from upward redistribution away from the underclasses.

Democracy changed this ancient culture strategy because we changed from one productive family (not one man) one vote, to equal votes for all – and since women are reproductively irresponsible (dysgenic), and the lower classes reproductively damaging(dysgenic), and together are more numerous, they implemented policies that reversed western genetic exceptionalism.

We have experienced a temporary ‘burst’ (Flynn effect) which appears to me (statistically) to be an artifact of improving the nutrition of the bottom, and the distribution of scientific (a few general rules) rather than recipes (many specific rules). But this effect will be neutralized (reversed), as the rates of reproduction of the underclasses continue to expand. (There is some promise that all the underclasses will slow reproduction, but this appears to be an artifact of the right-distribution of prior generations, and it’s going to disappear also).

You cannot have liberty and prosperity unless you have eugenic civilization.

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