Are There Serious Contemporary Fascist Philosophers?

Fascism is a ‘military’ strategy for Marshaling all economic, political, and cultural resources for the purpose of opposing Bolshevism, Communism, Socialism, and totalitarianism by the conduct of military, economic and cultural warfare.

Just as Napoleonic Total War is a strategy for marshaling all national resources for the conduct of military warfare prior to the industrial revolution, when economic warfare was relatively ineffective.

Just as today we use economic warfare almost exclusively to contain Russian expansion into southern Europe, eastern Europe and the Baltic, and as we did use to constrain Iran into constraining its expansion into Iraq, Syria and Israel.


  1. MILITARY: Nationalization of resources for military war: Napoleon Total War (State Credit under Nation States), Physical warfare was appropriate for the era.
  2. ECONOMIC: Nationalization of resource for military, economic and cultural war: Fascism, or Economic Warfare, by the construction of an autarkic (self dependent) economy. The combination of physical, economic and cultural warfare was appropriate for the era.
  3. FINANCIAL: Nationalization of federal trade policy to cause economic collapse: I don’t have a word for it but operationally it would be called “Financial Warfare”., by depriving competitors of access to the world markets and financial system. (which destroys economic velocity, political authority, and social stability). Financial warfare is appropriate for the era.
  4. CULTURAL : the Frankfurt school of Marxism was perhaps the most effective form of warfare developed in the twentieth century. The objective is to destroy a civilization from within by sewing discord and internal conflict. It has taken many decades but combined with vast underclass immigration it has been almost successful in destroying the American Rule of Law experiment.

In this sense, it is no longer necessary for us to develop philosophers for the purpose of Military Total War (state credit), Economic Total War (Fiat Money), or Financial Total War (International Financial System)

It is however necessary (and I am one of them) to develop philosophers to counter the combination of false history, pseudo-rationalism, pseudoscience, and propaganda, using academy, state, media complex, to conduct cultural warfare.

So no. There are no Fascist philosophers per se, for the same reason there are no philosophers of napoleonic warfare.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

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