Belief In Libertarian Models Doesn’t Matter, Survival From Competition Does.

—“Which libertarian model do you believe in?”—

[R]emember that the way you test a theory is not way finding to justify it but like composing a novel throwing obstacles in front of to see if it can survive.

It does not matter what we believe. It matters only what order can survive in completion with other orders.

Libertarians spend a lot of time discussing the best taste, but no one has yet succeeded in baking a libertarian cake.

There is a reason why libertarians discuss belief and taste and not action and recipe.

It’s because any attempt to construct the recipe informs the analyst that it cannot result in such a cake.

Libertarianism like socialism and neoconservatism is just a utopian secular religion and not an institutional model that can survive competition in a market for polities.

We talk about markets but we do not model our own intellectual product by the same standard.