Why Do I Care About The Working Class?

[W]e are compatible, and we need each other. Some of us work, some of us manage, some of us calculate and design, some of us organize, and some of us decide what to organize, calculate and design, manage, and labor upon.

It is when we successfully determine a method by which each of us benefits by cooperating with the rest rather than cooperating with others on competing opportunities to perform labor, management, calculation, organization and decision, that we are not only compatible but necessary to one another.

Aristocracy operated empirically: by compatibilism. Compatibility in reproduction (the family as unit of reproduction), in defense (the hierarchy of command), in production (the hierarchy of organization of production), and in politics (the hierarchy of the classes) while preserving voluntary participation in the selection of mates, in the joining of the army, in the participation in the work force, and between the houses of government.

Voluntary compatibilism as a method of ‘calculating’ the optimum Nash outcome on an ongoing basis.

The western aristocratic model was scientific. Until the 20th century.

I care about the working class because THEY WILL FIGHT. Why? becasue elites create the competitive difference for the working classes, and if they fight for their elites, and they choose the right elites, then they will live under better conditions than if others choose better elites, or if they themselves choose worse elites.

The problem of american life is that the socialists successfully enfranchised the labor movement and converted compatitiblity to incompatibility – they choose to divide and conquer us, forcing our elites to abandon our working classes.

If we want a revolution we must act compatibly. We must have elites that decide and organize, middle classes that calculate and theorize, and working classes that manage and act.

Our name is Legion. And we are many.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute