Does Evolutionary Theory Presuppose A Preceding Grand Design Or Natural Law?

Natural Law (Empirically Discovered Law) consists of general rules, that are location, demographic, custom, culture, and religion independent methods of providing decidability in matters of conflict.

  • (Law is prohibitive -negative- assertions)
  • Negative ethics of Natural Law are usually reducible to the Silver Rule: do not unto others as you would not have done unto you.

Natural Rights (Desirable Contract Provisions) consist of those general rules, stated not as negative prohibitions, but as positive aspirations, such that all governments must bring into being – regardles of location, demographic, custom, culture, and religion, as a list of those conditions under which the government will exercise violence in order to resolve conflicts, so that prosperous cooperation can continue – given that the government is the insurer of last resort.

  • (Rights are positive -desirable- assertions).
  • Positive Ethics of Natural Rights are usually reducible to the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you.

By combining Natural Law, and Natural Rights, we produce RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS of the natural CONTRACT for COOPERATION that is necessary for humans (or any sentient being), to avoid parasitism, predation, conflict, and war.

Natural(Obligations) Law and Natural Rights are consequently reducible to a very simple set of laws:

1- That in the choice between avoidance (boycott), cooperation (trade), and conflcit (war), it is only rational to avoid war in the absence of parasitism and predation.

2 – That our moral instincts, which punish cheating even if very costly, are reducible to the prohibition on parasitism in order to preserve the incentive for cooperation, because of the disproportionate rewards of cooperation, and the disproportionate loss of non-cooperation, and that catastrophic loss of conflict.

3 – That the differences in our moral instincts are reducible to our reproductive differences:

  • Progressive: Mother/Sister: consumption bias: short term. Feed the OFFSPRING regardless of the quality of the child or the cost to the tribe’s defense
  • Libertarian: Brother: trade bias: medium term. Form alliances to build capital until we BROTHERS have resources of our own.
  • Conservative: Father: save/defense/offense bias: long term. Preserve the ability of the TRIBE to fight competitors

These laws are then reducible to very simple physical law: that genetic organisms, particularly animals that can move, discover patterns by which they can capture free energy, use it, and export the unusable as waste heat.

Or put another way: no organism can survive if it is the subject of sufficient parasitism that such parasitism will reduce its reproductive consequences.

Ergo: there is no altruism in nature, because its suicidal. At best we find kin selection that is not.

Natural law is a consequence of the conservation of energy in physical law and nothing else.

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