How Does A President Lead A Country Fairly And Democratically With So Many People Having Mixed Agendas, Ideas And Opinions?

It’s impossible, since democracy is only capable of selecting priorities among people with homogenous interests, and impossible to select between conflicting choices among people with heterogeneous interests.

Markets let us cooperate on means despite different ends – no monopolies.

Democracy is a monopoly in which we cannot cooperate on means because of different ends.

Democracy has been a catastrophe.

The original anglo model was not democratic but consisted of different HOUSES for each CLASS, including the CHURCH, so that Monarchy, regional managers, personal property owners, and common people(church) could negotiate EXCHANGES between the classes.

The English system created a market under which most can be satisfied. Democracy destroyed it by creating a monopoly under which no one can be satisfied.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

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