Is 93k A Good Income To Live In Bellevue, Wa?

It’s an ‘average’ income for an individual and below average for a family. Bellevue is among the top three cities in America to live in – in part because it never had an industrial center, and no black (or other underclass) immigration. So you pay for it. The prices in the ‘green zone’ keep the riff-raff out. Bellvue is home to 200K family incomes and above. The only exceptions are the ‘old’ areas on the east side near I-90. Expect to pay twice what you’d expect for a lousy home. Expect to pay less at the top of the market.

Why? Microsoft gave more of its profits to employees than any company in history, and may have given more to its employees than all companies in history combined. Those days are gone but that’s what created bellevue.

So it’s a nice place to live – when it’s not raining.
It’s always raining.

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