The Rule of Degeneracy…

[T]he *Rule of Degeneracy (Escapism):

– “Anything that is not explicitly conservative will devolve into something progressive”

– “Anything not explicitly rational, will devolve into something magical”

– “Anything that is not explicitly true, will devolve into something false.”

– “Any system of thought that is not explicitly masculine and constructive, will devolve into the feminine and destructive.”

– “Any system of thought that does not compel action through change will devolve in an excuse to avoid change through justifying inaction.”

– “Any system of thought that is not explicitly eugenic, expansionary, heroic, and hierarchical, will eventually devolve into one that is dysgenic, sedentary, submissive, and equalitarian.”

(Women and the weak destroy the world if we allow them.)

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