What Was The Worst Mistake In A Democracy?


  • (a) non property owners,
  • (b) women,
  • (c) others who were not fully integrated into:
    • (i) Christian ethics
    • (ii) Rule of law, natural law, universal standing, universal application, strict construction
    • (iii) the absolute nuclear family ans the central unit of reproduction, production, and commons
    • (iv) individual economic responsibility

without :

  • (d) giving each a new house of parliament/government.

The english system of multiple houses created a market for the construction of commons between the classes. Creating majoritarian single-house democracy created majority tyranny, and put the lowest classes with the largest numbers in control of government and has destroyed western civilizations’ historical dependence upon empiricism in under a century.

This required we basically develop propaganda, ideology, and deception in order to rule underclasses by vote.

This single decision, made in the euphoria of the proceeds of the industrial revolution, caused the destruction of western civilization.


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