Doesn’t Everyone Try To Lie Cheat And Steal?

Isn’t libertarianism merely an attempt by the middle class to obtain status and power parity with the judicial-military upper class, without paying the (dear) costs to the relationship to their customers and market that truth, judgment, policing, and warfare entail?

Isn’t Jewish libertinism an attempt not only to escape those costs, but the costs of producing the commons AS WELL?

Isn’t it necessary for commissions (dividends) from the market produced by the judicial-military imposition of order, just compensation for the high cost to their lives, livelihoods, relationships and families?

Isn’t feminism and socialism just an attempt to circumvent the exchange of sex, care, and servitude for the results of the production of order, the production of goods and services, and the production of generations by the family?

Aristocracy (martial/judicial – limits ) (organization of cooperation)
Priestly (public intellectual – advocacy) (organization of ambitinos)
Burgher (organization of production distribution and trade)
Family (organization of production of generations)
(production of goods and services) (organization of physical reality)
Dependent (Young, Infirmed, and Old)
Underclass (those who cannot contribute but just cost)
Criminal-class (career predators and parasites)

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