Dunning Kruger Never Stops

Dunning Kruger Never Stops

To the idiot, the world conspires or lies.
To the average, the more powerful conspires or lies.
To the intelligent, the more intelligent conspires or lies.

Differences in knowledge and understanding that are to you unimaginable are to those with far more just normal risk assessments they would make.

I published this graphic many years ago in an attempt to explain the problem of false positive ethics and false negative ethics.

The problem is, that when you FAIL, you look unethical, whereas if you succeed your look brilliant or heroic.

I’m a more than ruthless guy. I don’t do symbolism. So I take the risk whether it will result in a false negative or not.

Why? Skin in the game.

You cannot cooperate on equal terms with unequals.

Some men must be led if greatness is to be achieved.

Sometimes we die in our attempt at greatness.

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