On The Old vs New Molyneux 😉

Stephan ( and all of us ) are moving to the right for the simple reason that the libertarian assertion that the nature of man is identical to the libertarian personality and our moral bias merely yearning to be free, is as false as is the progressive assertion that the nature of humans is altruistic (maternal).

Like almost all in social science, it turns out that despite a century and a half of pseudoscience, the evidence is in: that man is rational and chooses between moral or immoral because of the incentives at the time. The conservatives were right. Man is merely rational/

So conservatives work to limit incentives to the productive, and prohibit the unproductive. Immigration was just the last straw. But for the past sixty years the central issue has been whether the individual(progressive and libertine) or family (conservative) should be the central object of policy. And the jury is in: while law must be designed for the individual actor, policy must be designed for longer time preference: the family, tribe, and nation.

When the industrial revolution hit us, the great wealth that was created, inspired us to the falsehood that we had transcended our limits and the limits of nature. But we had only moved the window of possibility to cover larger populations. That does not mean that there are no limits to production and consumption.

– A market for goods and services (the Market)
– A market for reproduction (Marriage)
– A market for enfranchisement (Defense and Emergency)
– A market for commons (one house of government per class conducting exchanges)
– A market for polities (competing small states and voluntary exit)

In other words, there are no free rides – especially on the cost of creating the norms and institutions that we call property rights that can exist only when insured by reciprocal defense. The market was not natural in any sense – the evidence is that the market was constructed by the suppression of violence. Accelerated by the suppression of fraud. And now requires the suppression of falsehood, so that we can suppress the government itself: conspiracy.

Sorry, but the world is moving right. For good reason. Anything else is suicidal to family, tribe, nation, and race. The cosmopolitan era has ended. Its pseudoscience pseudo-rationalism and pseudo-moralism, and conflationary argument is over. Libertinism ended along with neoconservatism and socialism. The experiment failed. We are unequal. We are competitors. We compete through cooperating because it is the least-bad form of competition that produces the most beneficial externalities. And only markets in everything make a condition of liberty possible.

Hayek was right. Liberty is the condition produced by the rigid identification and enforcement of natural, judge discovered, common law that evolves to prevent and resolve conflict and retaliation spirals so that we may maintain the disproportionate value of cooperating on production, despite the constant incentive to engage in murder, violence, harm, damage, theft, fraud, fraud by omission, fraud by externality, socialization of losses, privatization of commons, conspiracy, rent seeking, monopoly seeking, statism, conversion-religion-disinformation, displacement-immigration, colonialism-conquest and war.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

Moral overweigthing: Masculinism (islam)
Moral balance: conservative bias (paterna/eugenicl)
Moral bias: libertarian (brother/partner/ally)
Moral blindness: progressive (maternal)
Moral antagonist: Socialist, feminist, postmodernist, Libertine, Neocon – the weaponization of maternalism under democracy. (judaism)

Just how it is. Conservatives are right.

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