Producing Generations

A ‘church’, allows us to join a family that may be better than ours. And if not, to obtain recognition and incentive to retain ours, if it is better than others.

The Production of Generations:

Fitness and Training (fighting)(sports)
Education in work ethic and money.
Education in the raising of family (reproduction).
Education in the organization of production.
Education in the organization of the production of commons.
Education in fighting conversion, invasion, and war
– Requries Education in:
– reading, writing, grammar, logic, rhetoric, testimony, truth
– numbers, arithmetic, accounting, mathematics and algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, models, and econometrics.
– the history of the family, of production of the commons and politics, of law, and of religion/conversion, invasion/migration, and war/conquest.
– the history of arts, and crafts, sciences, and thoughts.

Counsel (advice)
Banking, and intergenerational lending.
Title Registry (including births, marriages, and deaths)

Celebrations and Feasts.
Civic Emergency

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