Q&a: How Do You Propose We Restore Eugenics?

Aug 15, 2016 2:07pm

—You wrote earlier about the differences in races being, in part, a difficulty for certain peoples to cull the lower classes. Would you be in favour of an organized plan of eugenics in order to correct this?—

I advocate that we are not conducting a trade with the lower classes, and harming our civilization and mankind.

They have nothing to trade in the market, and we do not permit or assist them in exit, yet we make the pay the high behavioral costs of observing private and public property rights. So I advocate we pay them rather than demand payment for nothing in return. I have no problem paying people for demonstrating normative behaviors, and perhaps participating in the maintenance of the commons. And restricting to one child and no immigration below graduate level education is sufficient within just a few generations to hollow out the lower classes. Especially if we literally pay educated women in above 106 to have children. Demographics produce deterministic results. We aren’t equal. And worse, the people at the bottom are ‘worse’ or all of us than the people at the top are ‘good’ for all of us.

This is just true. Enough lies. We’ve not completely domesticated the planet. In fact, we’ve only domesticated a small piece of it, and we’re reducing that three-thousand year effort every day.

But we will have to use direct violence, rather than indirect reproductive violence to negotiate that exchange.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute

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