The Source of Bliss

As far as I know feelings of intellectual bliss are caused by the pack response combined with obviating the labor of reason. Comfort food, comfort of home, comfort of surrendering to the will of the pack.

Now, there are many kinds of feelings of bliss, as well as pleasure and joy. Some of them are clearly good – church, festival, feast, sporting event, and play. Some of them are less good because they do not require a commons to produce them and therefore require more methods of escape by the individual(communes and cults). Some of them are less good because they cause disconnection from reality(mental states). And some of them are less good because they cause physical and commons damage by consequence when escaping reality (drug use).

Festivals, sporting events, theatres, Arts, literature, church, prayer/contemplation …. these are all excellent methods of non-destructive experience of the pack response. While metaphorical they are not false. They are safe means of exploring other worlds, and they obtain the consent of the commons.

There are those things that are no longer metaphorical but false. Those things neither obtain the consent of the commons but reject it and reality.

And there are those things that are no longer false but forced – sense-damaging, and body-damaging, and crime-producing drugs.

So, i would flip the question around and ask “What failure exists in any commons that other than outlier-individuals would seek refuge from the commons in physical, emotional, and mental escape, at the cost of socializatino, consumption, physical and mental help?

How should we fix such a commons?

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