We Didn’t Domesticate the R’s (Enough). But We Can.


Well, I’m not anti-genetics, I’m anti-falsehood, anti-deception, and anti-dysgenia.

But when I tell people that “all Jews are female” J mean to suggest that just as we western men are the intellectual advocates of scientific k-selection, jews are the intellectual advocates of the pseudoscientific r-selection. And that is the role Jews play in intellectual history – before we domesticate them as we had begun to prior to the second world war and the invasion of eastern European and Russian jews. Our lesson is that we insufficiently domesticated both our women and our jews, by extending the license for free speech we gave to other warriors (enfranchised males) to women and jews, without maintaining the THREAT that we maintained with enfranchised: violence.

Had we put jews and women to the duel, maintained the punishment for deception in the commons, maintained libel, maintained slander, and never adopted tolerance for their ridiculousness, we would not have lost our civilization.

I’d prefer to live in a world with women and jews. I’d just prefer that we don’t let them destroy the civilization that makes possible the liberty of women and jews to think, speak, and act ridiculous and against our interests.

(That’s probably quotable)

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