Why Is The Black Race Judged By Of Its Least Successful Members?

It isn’t. It’s judged by the dominance of it’s race in failures of education, crime, civic behavior, business achievement, intellectual achievement, and artistic and literary achievement. The east asians and western europeans have aggressively killed off their lower classes through winters, starvation, enslavment, hanging, beheading, war, and a very severe justice system for thousands of years. The rest of the world has not. So the size of the underclasses in the black, arabic, turkic, hispanic, and southeast asian worlds is far higher a percentage than in the more northern climes. West and east were eugenic civilizations. Rice is a brutal system requiring disciplined work 360 days a year. Western winters are unforgiving.

Humans think by stereotypes just as we think in all other categories. We have to. We cannot afford to interrogate every person we meet. We cannot pay the high cost of risk of trusting people from high risk groups. Instead, how can people from high risk groups signal (demonstrate) that they are good risks? Research has consistently shown, that contrary to popular myth, stereotypes are the most ACCURATE feature in social science. So people must rely on stereotypes, stereotypes are true, and it is the responsibility of people who are members of negatively stereotyped groups to change their behavior and signals so that they are visibly not a risk.

When we say ‘we can’t judge this middle class black man’ or some other “Not All X Are Like That”, we are either committing a rhetorical fallacy or simply lying. Why? because the fact that we say most people of group X are a high risk, we are not saying that an outlier is. Yet conversely, we are saying (almost always correctly) that most people from group X are in fact a higher risk that we perceive our own group to be.

We know the reasons for black underclass achievement: (a) the disproportionate size of the black underclass below 85 IQ, and the comparatively small sizes of its middle and upper middle classes, and total absence of an upper class, (b) earlier and more rapid maturity accompanied by the same level of hormones, leading to impulsivity and aggression, (c) lower verbal intelligence, (d) lower aggregate intelligence, (e) destruction of the black family by the progressive programs of the Johnson administration’s Great Society programs of the 1960’s – his attempt to mimc soviet resettlement programs from villages to urban areas without grasping the vast differences in Russian and black human capital. (f) the attempt to educate different races that mature more or less, more quickly or more slowly, at the same age under the same conditions. Educate black and hispanic men in what equates to military training and you will get good men out of it. You cannot ask humans in their youth to fight hormones that intense. Educating pliable asians and less pliable and more physical whites at the same rates is equally destructive. We can start asians and east asians one to two years earlier than whites, and it’s arguable that we should provide two more years for hispanics and three for blacks. It prevents schools from tailoring programs to the genetic needs of the children.

We get nowhere by lying that we’re equally distributed. It’s liberal lies of equality that prevent us from developing institutions that support the needs of different genetic organisms, with different rates of maturity, different degrees of maturity, and different sizes of underclass.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

My job is to prevent lies in public discourse that prevent us from coming to compromises on policies.


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