Current Topic: Clarity On Metaphysics Of Time, Rather Than Just Action

Metaphysics: Time

The most effective conservation of energy is to save time.

We expend energy to alter events in new state we would not have in current state.

In this sense we’d not produce but we save. And inventory what we save.

We can understand that as farmers we would adapt our thinking to production an d inventory rather than as hunters to capture and save.

But it is the mental concept of hunters that is correct.

We act to reorganize and save.

We capture this difference between expenditure of energy and capture of energy

We expend some of that energy as heat and the rest as action, and attempt against nature to inventory the rest, and invest it in more of the same actions as possible.

And the reason we have been so insanely good at everything we do is that cooperation (Organizing) is so disproportionately rewarding because the concentration of energy is so rewarding. And because the use of information via cooperation, trade, and money and now post-money substitutes has assisted us in ever larger concentrations of energy/effort.

Man transcends to god hood by outwitting the universe’s course of events

Our ultimate expression of this strategy is to effectively stop time for all but the energy we consume.

***So just as truth exists in the greatest informational parsimony short of tautology, perfect transcendence exists in perfect energy parsimony short of the stopping of time***.

We are no longer farmers and no longer need be subject to the metaphysics of farmers.

Savers of time. And as such the savers of energy.

For humans, time and energy and mass are synonyms.

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