{Labor} -vs- {Calculating, Organizing, Negotiating, Risking}.


[L]abor itself is trivial in its contribution to value compared with the organization of production, and the organization of the institutions that make possible the organization of production at scale. We get more paid for calculating than laboring, more for organizing than calculating, more for negotiating than organizing, more for risking the accumulated results of laboring, calculating, organizing, negotiating, and risking more than for negotiating. Man does not need to persuade the physical world to choose from a multitude of options according to preference. The physical world cannot choose. Man can. And it is convincing large numbers of people to chose to produce some set of various goods and services in an enormous complex web versus choose to work toward producing some other set that is the difficult job that individuals in each layer of our hierarchy are paid more for, than the labor to force the world to change, versus the calculating, organizing, negotating, and risking that it takes man to change.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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