Canary: The Fragile Hypothalamus

The brain is actually a pretty simple machine when it comes to aberrant sets of behaviors. Most of the time (in my opinion) male in utero development has been incomplete or overstimulated in one way or another, and we are consequently trapped – looking for intense stimuli in order to compensate for an inability to synthesize stimuli.

The most sensitive part of our system seems to be the hypothalamus, and in my opinion, the responses to what is called ‘social defeat’ seem to be extremely sensitive and hyper-reactive. And so we see social anxiety as one of the queues to insufficient hypothalamic activity on the one hand, or as is common in autistics ‘intense world’ experiences, wherein the activity is simply too ‘intense’ and giving us false positives. (This is how I tend to explain the autistic spectrum reactions to people.)

So again, it is easy to miscategorize general, insufficient, hypothalamic neurogenesis during development, as social anxiety disorder. When instead, by treatment of social anxiety disorder we provide sufficient connectivity and neurogenisis to the region that the suite of related symptoms – at least with years of training – can be compensated for.

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