Definitions: Aristocracy vs Oligarchy


—“What are the features that distinguish aristocracy and oligarchy?”— William Butchman

An aristocracy preserves a judge of last resort (monarch).
You can kill a monarch and change the judge of last resort.
It is much harder to kill an oligarchy (group).
It is much harder to kill a government (larger group)
it is much harder to kill a bureaucracy ( larger group )

An oligarchy subverts the market (rule of law) by use of:
– Force
– Gossip
– Capital

The defense against an oligarchy is a judiciary that rules by productive fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer limited to productive externalities.

Most oligarchies persist only because they violate one or more of the provisions of natural law. Most commonly: productivity.

In other words competition in the market and prosecution in court are EQUALLY necessary methods of preserving sovereignty by the suppression of parasitism, and the demand for sovereign transfer, in a market for opportunities, rather than in a market for rents, where the market for opportunities is made possible by nothing more than an increase in population density and an increase in the suppression of parasitism.


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