In Praise of Taxes

Nov 19, 2016 12:29pm
(rulership is a profession, and one we must return to)

Assuming that taxes are used for the purpose of the creation and defense of the full spectrum of markets. And assuming we have juridical defense against taxes not used in creation and defense of those markets. And assuming that tax competition exists by freedom of exit and absence of collusion. And assuming one of the markets constructed is a market for commons. Then taxes are merely a commission on the use of violence to construct markets that enforce production and deny parasitism.

In other words, the Aristocracy may profit via commissions on the construction, maintenance, and defense of markets just like the provider of any other form of good, service, or information.

In fact, the wealth created by profits from the construction, maintenance and defense of markets, is possibly the most morally defensible form of profit a man, family, and clan, tribe, and race can demonstrate.

So again, the libertarians, classical liberals, and progressive liberals, and Marxist socialist have been wrong. While the liberation from the mysticism of the church by the scientific enlightenment has been a boon for man, the attempts by the various other classes to create monopolies favoring their classes rather than markets for the cooperation between the classes, has been predicated on moral falsehoods, pseudoscience, and outright lies.

Like the Spartans, Athenians, Romans, Germans, French, we must rule for our betterment and the betterment of man, or be ruled against our interests, and against the interests of man.

Not only should we tax. We should revel in our taxes. We should maximize the returns on our shares. And continue to profit from the incremental domestication and eventual transcendence of man.

We were mistaken. We need NO OTHER CAREER than rule. Rule and fee for rule, by commission on successful rule, is perhaps the greatest of our achievements, and a means by which we have, can, and shall profit.

What must we do to return to rule?

Restore Rule of Natural Law (Science)
Restore the Judiciary. (Rule of Law)
Restore the Monarchy. (Judge of last resort)
Restore the Nobility (Governors)
Restore the Knights (Regiments)
Restore the Sheriffs. (Police)
Restore the Militia (disaster, emergency, war)
Restore the Artisans (artists and craftsmen)
Restore the Laborers (of the commons)
Restore the market for marriage
Restore the market for commons
Restore the market for rule.

One response to “In Praise of Taxes”

  1. The “taxation is theft” meme is false, as there is greater marginal utility to some tax supported structures than the private market provides. Coercion is a function of benefit: taxes should be paid only by those who benefit from the structure supported thus. The complexity of “cui bono” obscures decidability and creates a demand for alternatives to taxation, or forms of taxation that are directly derived from use of the structure.

    Decidability requires itemization and direct application of taxes to structures, with a super-majority of voluntary payment to differentiate free-riders from significant dissidence. Free-riders are coercing benefits from the rest of the polity and should be expelled.

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