Might Makes Right By Righting Wrongs – A Declaration

Might Makes Right By Righting Wrongs – A Declaration of Reformation
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Might, in and of itself, does not determine right or wrong. But right is always, and must be, constructed by the use of or constraint of might. Those with might determine whether a condition of right or wrong exists or not. Everyone else merely has the permission of those with might.

And when a series of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under other’s discretion, thereby depriving them of their Sovereignty, it is those with might that can restore their Sovereignty over the objections of those who lack the might.

ll revolutions in history are caused by a minority of men willing to use their might to change the status quo. And it is the virtue of our ancient Anglo-Saxon system of contractual government that allows redress of those abuses through restoration of that Sovereignty; and to restore it by the revision of that common contract between those with might: the Constitution – under which they agree to reserve their might and defer to tradition, norm, legislation, and Natural Law of Sovereign men. And by that revision alter the institutions and laws that govern all actions thereunder, restoring their Sovereignty.

And because it is in the nature of all humans in all organizations of all scales, to seek power to circumvent the limits of their productivity, and to extract from others and others kin, their normative, cultural, institutional, informational, material, and territorial capital, by the circumvention of that Natural Law and by abuse that Sovereignty – then those with might must periodically revise that constitution through the use of might, just as we revise legislation through the proxy of might we call the legislature; and just as we revise the common law through the proxy of might we call the courts; just as we revise the current relations with outsiders by the direct use of might by means of information, conversion, immigration, economic and material warfare.

There is only one judgment history lays upon us: persistence of one’s kin by survival, invention, adaptation, and competition. Might used to make Sovereignty is well judged by man’s history and nature’s laws. Because it is by that very Sovereignty that the western man dragged all mankind out of superstition, mysticism, pseudoscience, ignorance, poverty, disease, and dysgenia – kicking and screaming all the while – one calamitous conflict of tribe, nation, state, religion, and civilization at a time. A series of Conflicts through which the Sovereign continue to persevere, and by our might and Sovereignty shall continue to do so.

— Curt Doolittle, The Philosophy of Aristocracy, The Propertarian Institute

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