We Will End History As We Started It: With Violence.

(by James Augustus Berens)
We Will Bring About The End Of History.
Not through submission but through sovereignty.
Not through permission but through demand.
Not through falsehoods but through truth.
Not through discretionary rule but through rule of natural law.
Not through majority monopoly ascent but through minority market consent and dissent.
Not through supernatural monotheism but through historical polytheism
Not through indulging the meek, feeble minded and vulgar but through the promotion of the strong, wise and beautiful.
The Hebrews had it backward: man has not fallen from God’s grace; he has transcended the primitive through domestication of his underclasses and his alpha males.
Man wasn’t cast from the Garden for eating from the tree of knowledge; we built the garden through the inter-generational accumulation of informational capital.
We had the prefect government, but we failed to anticipate and protect ourselves from the industrialization of misinformation, deceit and pseudoscience.
History ends with the completion of the western project: The Truthful Society.
We must demand truth by leaving our enemies no alternative but to compete in the market for association, cooperation, production, information, reproduction, commons, dispute resolution, and rule.
The alternative is to fall into another dark age from which we may never recover: to submit once again to the dark forces of mysticism, ignorance, deceit, and dysgenia.
–James Augustus Berens

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