Dear Lurkers and Newbies


I’m really generous with my time. I don’t even care how stupid the question is as long as it’s framed as an honest question. If I don’t answer it one of the other guys will.

But you shouldn’t be afraid of asking. Every time we answer a question, we get better at answering questions. And everyone else who is lurking will learn because of your honesty and ‘bravery’. lol

Just a reminder: I am advocating a very technical solution to the advancement of law that will make it very difficult to use media and propaganda to lie to the electorate – as well as destroying the extraction of profits from our people by means of fiat money and credit.

So I am providing a legal improvement to constitutional government that every group of people around the world can make use of if they are willing to.

So that said, I do anti-underclass-ism, meaning as far as I can tell the reduction of the population in the evil 80’s (iq) and below is the one uncomfortable truth I recommend.

But I am not a racist or even a culture-ist. I care only that all men can transcend into the gods we seek to be.

And we can do that if we learn to speak the only language we know god speaks in: the physical laws of the universe, and reciprocity: the natural law of cooperation, and testimonial truth – that thing we call science.

Because if we speak nothing but those truths written by the gods, we have then ourselves ready to sit among the gods.

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