How Would You Restructure The United States?

The current conflict is occurring because the regions have matured from settled territories into genetically, culturally, economically, separate nations, each of which resists the genetic, cultural, and economic differences of the others. In other words, the federal government is a domestic empire as well as a global empire.

People don’t like empires. For good reason.

The solution is:

  1. Universal right of secession and confederation on a county by county basis. Universal right of association and disassociation on an individual basis.
  2. County-by-county choice of political affiliation with bordering counties, to form new regions. The result will look something along the lines of the Nine or Eleven Nations of North America, with the six (large) immigrant cities as island plantations amidst the rest of the territories.
  3. Devolution of the powers of the federal government by limiting them only to Insurer of last Resort: Military, Common Treasury, Disaster Relief, Judge of Material Property conflict.
  4. Reservation of the powers not specifically granted to the insurer of last resort to the regions – specifically property and contract.
  5. Reservation of the powers of individual,interpersonal, family, labor to the county – specifically education, norms, holidays, traditions and information – to the county.

This will accomplish:

  1. The division of the continental united states into a european -style polity with different cultures and norms, but who are protected by a large and powerful military.
  2. It will end the era of USA imperialism world wide.
  3. And it will create the greatest economic boom and the greatest level of experimentation since the enlightenment.
  4. And we can stop hating each other.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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