Hegel was right but that isn’t enough.

Well, you can get a kant, a hegel, schopenhauer, a marx, a hayek, and a heidegger out of german civilization.  And that’s the problem. You can get a Kant and a Hegel AND a marx and a heidegger.

So while I can sit here and state that Hegel is mostly right, and was mostly right first, and I must acknowledge that it is much harder to defeat an intuitionistically programmed order than it is to defeat a legalistic order, both are defeatable without the other.

Jews build an immoral society and wealth and persecution results from it.
Germans build a moral society and wealth and success results from it.
Anglos build a wealthy society and immorality and decline results from it.
Americans build a legal and meritocratic society, and wealth and morality result from it.

People must not be able to choose the good and the true, only the wanted and the possible. This is the secret of natural law. People can only chose the desirable, the reciprocal, and the possible by reciprocity.

Truth is enough.

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