Is The White Race Violent Naturally Or Were They Taught To Be?

I’m going to give you the best, most scientific answer that is currently available. You may or may not like it. But to the best of my knowledge it’s unassailable.

  1. The white race is empirically less violent than all other races. (sorry. fact.) We currently attribute this to the facts that (a) limited survival of the underclasses in harsh winters, (b) the aggressive hanging of up to 1% of the population every year (heavy intolerance for crime), (c) high sexual dimorphism combined with lower levels of testosterone and therefore lower levels of impulsivity and aggression, (d) higher demonstrated creativity which appears to be a genetically influenced personality trait (curiosity, ‘worry’, and industriousness). (e) greater freedom (for men) to compete in the dominance hierarchy.
  2. The white race is empirically superior at the application technology, voluntary cooperation, planning, and maneuver to the use of violence, thereby allowing smaller numbers of warriors to defeat superior and wealthier numbers.
  3. The white race has empirically used the application of violence to create markets that in turn increase wealth.
  4. The white race’s superiority in ancient and modern ages is because of the use of violence and technology to create markets.
  5. The white race’s superiority at producing arts, sciences, and technologies is because of their discovery of ‘deflationary truth’. (What we call scientific or empirical truth, that evolved from ‘reporting’ or ‘testifying’ rather than opining, elaborating, or conflating – regardless of cost to the self or others.)
  6. The white race’s discovery of ‘deflationary truth’ was caused by the use of the militia, that indoctrinated all free men into the use of military and technological epistemology. This mean that all mean of property were trained to some degree, and all the wealthier families were professionally trained, to use maneuver,
  7. The white race’s use of militia forced meritocracy, and meritocracy forced ‘sovereignty’, and sovereignty forced the natural law of voluntary reciprocity, and use of the natural law forced markets in everything: the jury, freedom of association, of cooperation, of cooperative production, of reproduction (Marriage), of production of commons (government), of polities (competing rule).
  8. The white race (North Sea Peoples) evolved the only government without governors: Rule of Law, by Natural Law, incrementally discovered by independent professional judges, and recorded in the Common Law of Torts, with judicial decidability provided by the changes in state of Property in Toto, where Property in Toto was determined by the bearing of costs to obtain an interest without imposing a cost upon the costs born by others. This form of law evolves faster than all alternatives, and leaves the least opportunity for the evolution of all forms of parasitism and predation. (Or it did until 20th democracy eliminated Rule of Law.)
  9. So to answer the question, while whites are demonstrably less violent, they are demonstrably more cooperative, with demonstrably higher trust in one another, producing lower risk and friction, allowing greater risk, allowing greater returns, and thereby evolving technologies both institutional, normative, commercial, and technological, faster than all other civilizations. This is why the west, despite being on the edge of the bronze age, evolved fastest in the ancient world, and fastest in the modern world, with the dark ages of religiously enforced ignorance causing a thousand year delay in world innovation.

    However, it is probably more correct to view white people as more patient and disciplined and industrious – probably due to four or more millennia of selection pressures above the 40th parallel – and therefore suppressing petty violence in exchange for expression of superior exceptional violence. But again, this may be for the simple reason that except for Han, Korean, and the Japanese, White People are the most genetically homogenous, genetically isolated, genetically domesticated, for the simple reason that they have systematically eradicated their lower classes.

  10. The white race was able to drag mankind out of ignorance, superstition, tyranny, poverty, starvation, and disease, one civilization at a time, by the application of sovereignty (property), markets, technology, truth, using violence to do so. Evolution is unkind to primitive organisms. primitive social organizations, and primitive ideas.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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